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For the palette: Something new, something fresh

It is no secret that the Calatagan Golf Club has gone organic for a few years now. The estate produces its own fertilizer and the green is maintained using nothing chemical in nature — only growth catalysts from Mother Nature.

Yet one would be remiss to pass the opportunity to try the other type of “green” at the estate. At the clubhouse, homegrown greens are served in a variety of creative ways to please not just strict vegetarians but also those looking for a sumptuous meal or snack.

First off, one may begin the healthy feast with alugbati salad freshly harvested from the farm garden. The leaves are first blanched and sautéed till the leaves’ flavorful extracts mix with the onion and garlic. Add a dash of soy sauce, calamansi and sugar to kill the bitterness and then you have a uniquely healthy starter. An alternative is “uray” salad, made from uray leaves sautéed in oyster sauce and tomatoes.

Next on the menu is the club’s very own Calatagan pasta, an original recipe made of wheat flour and ground kamote tops processed in a blender to create a special kind of fetuccine. The pasta can be served Al Bianca – simply with chopped onions, chili fingers, basil leaves, garlic and olive oil – or with either chicken or tuna sauce.

Pasta with Chicken Pasta – Al Bianca Alugbati Salad

Those not into pasta but still looking for a distinctly Filipino alternative may try another Calatagan original – pancit buko. This unique pancit dish is cooked in young coconut’s milk and the tender meat of the same coconut is thrown into the mix, after which the delightful concoction is served on the same shell and husk from which the coconut milk and meat were gathered.

On the side, one can partake of homemade banana bread and ranch garlic fries, truly a departure from what metropolitan areas offer. The estate produce its banana bread always fresh, processed from overripe lakatan mixed with flour and butter, mashed and then baked either sweetened or unsweetened depending on the customer’s preference.

To down this sumptuous array of food is lemongrass tea served either hot or iced, pleasing the palette with chopped lemongrass leaves and stalks boiled in water and then mixed with ginger.

Yet aside from these chemical-free green meals that offer a cleansing feel, one may also partake of the clubhouse’s traditional dishes.

So when you visit the Calatagan Golf Club, try the fresh and healthy fare at the clubhouse and taste what downtown seldom offers your taste buds.

Uray Pancit Buko Banana Bread