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“Green” to the truest sense of the word

The Calatagan golf course has gone green both in the garden and in the course’s greens, taking an eco-friendly approach to a sport which already promotes health. The course was designed by Robert Trent Jones and was finished in 1978. Jones designed or redesigned about 500 golf courses in at least 40 states in the US and 35 other countries around the world. It has been jokingly said that: “The sun never sets on a Robert Trent Jones golf course.”

The same is true with the Calatagan course. It affords magnificent views over a beautiful bay and is located in an arboretum where over 3,000 tree species are planted. The ground cover, for example, is adorned by “wedelia” or “moses-in-a-boat” foliage. The valley’s open space and walkways are lined by Narra trees which provide shade from the gentle sunlight, while flowering flame trees, red plumeria and calachuche adorn the area. Meanwhile, golden dwarves, ruby kings and duranta act as border shrub. In the garden, kamote tops, talinum, alugbati, uray, basil and tangad are organically grown for human consumption.

Calatagan is almost completely organic – the club has stopped using chemicals or fertilizer on the course and instead is using biodynamic compost the staff make themselves from the mulch and leaves they gather from around the course, and from manure from the cattle ranch. The mixture is then applied on the greens, making Calatagan one of very few golf courses in the world that is organic. This environmental approach to the upkeep of the golf course without chemicals creates a balance in the ecosystem and keeps the course in excellent condition.